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Remninder of Pets

Shasta Lane Apartments


Dear Residents,

We would like to take a moment to remind you of our pet policies. To ensure both the safety of residents and their pets, we would like to highlight the importance of complying with the policies set forth in the lease and pet addendum. Listed below are a few important rules that MUST be obeyed at all times.


  • You must keep your animal on a leash, under your supervision, and in control when outside the dwelling or in any part of the community.


  • Your animals must not disturb the neighbors or other residents, regardless of whether the animal is inside or outside the dwelling. (No biting, jumping or injuring another person, animal or property).


  • To ensure the cleanliness of the property and the safety of other residents and pets, please make sure to always clean up after your animal. We have placed pet stations throughout the property for your convenience.


  • We have provided an enclosed dog run for Shasta Lane Residents only. Please be mindful when you allow your dog to run free in the enclosed area and please pick up after your dog.


  • All animals must be approved by Management. All deposits must be paid prior to bringing the animal to the community. If you have reasonable accommodation, this must also be pre-approved by Management. All required vet records are required.


The above policies can be referenced in the lease, pet addendum, and community guidelines. If the rules and guidelines are not followed you, will be subject to termination of your lease agreement. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 619-464-2466. Thank you for helping us keep Shasta Lane a beautiful, clean, and safe property.